Why use UPVC windows and doors?

UPVC frames with double glazed windows or door panels are affordable, energy efficient and made with the highest quality standards to create a product with durability and reliability.

Arctic Windows specialize in manufacturing the best double glazed UPVC windows and doors in Australia. Made and sold locally in Melbourne at our Moorabbin factory, our UPVC doors and windows look great, are long-lasting and exceed the 6-star energy rating regulation standards. Let’s take a look at the benefits of double glazing and UPVC windows and doors to help you make an informed decision.


High Energy Saving

Traditional windows and doors account for significant portions of heat lost in a home. Unfortunately, they can add anywhere between 10% – 25% of your heating bill by allowing artificially generated warm air to exit your home. Our energy efficient windows ensure a perfectly comfortable atmosphere in your home protecting you against the cold winters and the hot summers. Rather than wasting your money on generating artificial cooling and heating costs, UPVC windows and doors
are able to reduce energy waste by up to 80%. Give your energy bills a break by installing energy efficient uPVC windows.

Noise Reduction

Protection from outside noise is an important characteristic that should feature in every modern window. Whether it be at home or the office, the ability to leave out the hustle and bustle of everyday living and provide peace and quiet when we need it is critical.

Whether you live next to a busy highway, or would just like to reduce day to day background noises, our uPVC windows are in a class of their own. Considerable noise reducing glazing can be custom made to suit almost any requirements. Reductions of anywhere between 30-45 decibels can be achieved with the correct glazing choices.

Double Glazing / Triple Glazing

If your windows only have single glazing, then it is likely that you’ll be suffering up to 20% heat loss through them. Protecting your home against elements such as noise pollution and outside weather entering the house is most efficiently solved by installing double glazing. All of our uPVC door and window profiles at Arctic Windows are specifically designed to be coupled with a double glazed solution. Various double glazed combinations can be attained with our selection of tinted glass, obscure glass, safety glass, high performance laminated glass or inbuilt colonial bars.

Low Maintenance

Forget about repainting old or flaking windows. Arctic’s windows and doors systems do not require regular re-painting or other expensive maintenance costs. The only maintenance you will ever need to do is a quick clean, to keep them looking fantastic. All of our products come with a lifetime structural guarantee, on top of a 7 year colour fade warranty. The majority of our profiles can be opened fully which allow you to clean the outside from the inside, allowing minimal effort for maximum results.

High Level of Security

All windows used at Arctic come with a locking system that locks multiple points around the windows sash and frame. Combined with our multi chambered profile and internal metal reinforcement and you have windows that have been perfectly designed with your security in mind.

Environmentally Friendly

Our commitment toward an eco-sustainable way of living has resulted in our profiles being 100% recyclable. This is combined with the copious amount of energy efficient properties Arctic’s windows and doors provide.

Fire Resistant Construction

UPVC windows are naturally flame retardant. Unlike timber, uPVC material is widely known for its self-extinguishing properties and being non-combustible. Arctic’s windows and doors will not cause, support or enhance the development of an accidental fire. Our windows and doors are therefore highly recommended for houses located in an area of high fire danger.

Certified and Guaranteed

All of our materials and hardware used have been rigorously tested both in Europe and Australia to ensure they are able to meet your needs. Our combined use of a skilled workforce, high quality components and materials, German engineered equipment and our manufacturing plant allows us to guarantee your windows are finished to a level of the highest quality.

Colour Range

There’s now over 50 different colours and woodgrain finishes to choose from. We also offer exclusive dual lamination with different interior and exterior colour options.

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