Double Glazed Windows in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a window company that provides double glazing in Melbourne, look no further than Arctic Window Systems. We’ve been providing the very best European style double glazed windows for Melbourne residences for many years now, and we can carry out any type of double glazed window installation for you too.

Double Glazed Windows We Offer

  • Double glazing uPVC windows
  • Double glazed casement windows
  • Double glazed window frames
  • Double glazed French doors

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazed windows and doors contain two glass panes that are bonded together by a spacer and separated by a 6mm to 20mm gap. This gap is hermetically sealed and packed with argon to give the windows an additional insulation layer.

Suitable for Hot & Cold Temperatures

It’s very common to see windows and doors with double glazing in Melbourne homes, as they’re made to minimise how much heat is lost during Melbourne’s notoriously cold winter months. However, due to the unique insulation properties, double glazing will also help to keep the home cool during the hot summer months as well. This is possible because of the two panes double glazed windows and doors have that limit how much hot or cold air travels between them.

Enjoy Lower Electricity Bills

A double glazed window installation is a highly recommended insulator that can minimise how often you need to use an electric heater or cooler, therefore saving you money on your bills. In fact, when compared to single glazed windows, double glazing can decrease how much you pay on your electricity bills by 20% or more.

Significant Noise Reduction

One of the most common reasons people organise double glazed window installation is because these windows and doors are capable of drastically minimising how much outside noise enters the home. No one likes having to hear annoying noises such as vehicles, planes, trains, voices and animals; in fact, being regularly exposed to such noises are known to cause stress and lack of sleep, as well as other potential health issues. Double glazed windows and doors will absorb a high level of outdoor sound energy thanks to the gap in between their glass panes.

Less Condensation

Condensation regularly appears on single glazed windows whenever the moist air inside a household is subjected to their cool surface. Although this is often considered to be just a minor nuisance, it can be stopped with a double glazed window installation. The interior glass pane remains close to room temperature, thereby stopping any condensation from appearing.

How Much Do Double Glazing Windows Cost?

Arctic Window Systems offers our customers unbeatable double glazed windows prices. The final cost of the job will depend on whether you want European style double glazed windows, double casement windows, double glazing UPVC Windows, or something else, as well as how big you need them to be, among other factors. Our consultants will be able to speak to you about the different options and provide you with an accurate quote.

Get Double Glazed Windows Installed Today

Get in touch with Arctic Window Systems today to get the best double glazed windows in Melbourne. Call us on 03 9599 2746 or contact us online to learn more or make a booking.

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