Double Glazed Window Replacement in Melbourne

If you need to replace your old windows, it’s highly recommended that you replace them with uPVC double glazed windows. Arctic Window Systems is Melbourne’s leading uPVC double glazing glass replacement and installation specialist.

Our high-quality replacement uPVC double glazed windows can make your home much quieter and more energy efficient. We use uPVC double glazed window replacement installation methods and procedures that adhere to Australian safety standards, ensuring they’re safe to use and made to last for the long term.


Reasons to Get Replacement uPVC Windows

Your House Gets Too Cold or Too Hot

Single glazed windows can unfortunately cause a house to lose a significant amount of heat in winter and also attract more heat in summer. Both of these issues can make you have to pay more on your electricity bills. Replacement uPVC double glazed windows are designed to ensure your house maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Loud Outdoor Noises Keep Entering Your House

Single glazed windows are unable to block out loud noises coming from outside the house, such as traffic, neighbours, road works, planes and other loud noise.

Your Window Glass is Too Thin

Older window installations use 3mm glass, which can be easily broken and lead to someone in your household getting injured.

Your Old Windows Are Rotting or Rusting Away

Wooden windows will naturally start rotting over time, while aluminium windows will eventually rust away. These issues can require potentially costly maintenance work to keep your windows looking good and operating properly.

Condensation and Dampness

Single glazed windows cannot retain heat at night, which can lead to a build-up of condensation on your windows. This can cause your house to feel damp and also allow mould to start growing.

The Benefits of Getting Replacement uPVC Windows

Thermal Efficiency

Replacement uPVC double glazed windows contain argon gas and Low-E glass, both of which provide a high level of thermal insulation that will help your house maintain a comfortable temperature.

Noise Reduction

Correctly installed replacement uPVC windows play a big role in blocking out noises coming from outside the house. The frames are thoroughly foamed and caulked, helping to reduce the volume of outdoor noise.


The replacement uPVC windows we install are made to comply with Australian Standard (AS 2047) and are completely safe to use. uPVC material will not discolour over time nor discharge any toxic material if exposed to heat.

No Condensation

An uPVC double glazed window replacement installation includes argon gas and Low-E glass that will ensure your new windows won’t develop any condensation on them.

High Quality

uPVC is a material that will never rot or rust, meaning your replacement uPVC double glazed windows can be relied on to last for many years.

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