Awning Windows in Melbourne

Awning windows are an easy way to improve ventilation in your house. This traditional favourite is appropriate for almost any opening and can be made for any special specifications. Arctic Windows recommends installing an Awning opening if you need to reach to open the window, for example over a kitchen sink, as they open with minimal effort.

Awning windows are suitable for almost all conditions. They are able to prevent rain and other debris from entering your home thanks to our innovative sealing technology and welded uPVC frame. This is highly recommended for houses exposed to the ocean or constant rainfalls.


Awning windows are often combined or joined with other window styles. They can be combined with top or side windows, casement windows or you choice of any available doors for the perfect architectural expression of your home.

All of the awning windows used at Arcticare German engineered to ensure many years of optimal and effective performance.

If you require CAD drawings, please contact us by using the inquiry form. For other technical details, please download our information package below.

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