Fixed Windows in Melbourne

Fixed windows are an affordable and efficient window option that provides a natural light into your home without compromising on thermal insulation.

Fixed windows can make a gorgeous picture window that can look over your backyard or lovely garden. They have the ability to lighten up you living area and magnify your vision space when it’s coupled or combined with your current windows or doors. Additionally, our fixed windows can be selected in powder and anodised coated finishes and are available in rectangular, raked, circular, square or arched shapes. Furthermore, fixed windows can be upgraded to your choice of energy efficient or tinted glass.


All of the fixed windows used at Arctic are German engineered to ensure many years of optimal and effective performance. They are warp resistant and they do not corrode, providing the lasting peace of mind that is needed when purchasing windows.

If you require CAD drawings, please contact us by using the inquiry form. For other technical details, please download our information package below.

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