Double Glazed French Windows in Melbourne

Stylish and elegant are words you’d normally use to describe anything that is French in origin, and these windows are no exception. Perfectly suited to intimate restaurants, cafés and even small homes, they provide the illusion of space and openness while allowing swathes of light to pass through.

Our French windows offer a charming addition to your home. They are distinctive for having 2 opening sashes and a dividing mullion between them, which provides the particular impression of a French door when it’s closed. French windows are popular in dining restaurants and domestic houses where large openings and maximum sunlight and ventilation is required, providing a heightened sense of openness.


Our windows can be combined with a variety of other window styles to provide you with what you feel is the perfect architectural expression of your house.

All of the French windows used at Arctic are German engineered to ensure many years of optimal and effective performance. They are warp resistant and they do not corrode, providing the lasting peace of mind that is needed when purchasing windows.

If you require CAD drawings, please contact us by using the inquiry form. For other technical details, please download our information package below.

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